Monday, September 6, 2010

Computer Training

For my first post on my brand new blog i am going to be answering the question i get asked the most. Where did i learn all the computing stuff floating around in my head.

Simply put the Internet. No i did not go to college to study computing, i studied electronics and telecommunication. While there i realized i spent more time in the computer labs and reading my computer texts than anything else. From then on its been an natural progression.

To say the internet is tricky because there is so much information out there it can get overwhelming to a newbieThe internet an dthe way it operates has changed much since i started using it ten years ago. A lot of the stuff that were free back then are not now; and a lot of the places you could access easily no longer allow you to do so.

So a few years ago when i notice the change i started downloading, collecting and storing information. So for you newbies i am gonna list a few sites which still allow unrestricted access to quality information and resources on various topics. If there is something specific your looking for and can't find, use thee ask a question gadget on the right side of the blog to post your question or request and i will see what i can do.

List of my most important resources:

Hope it helps u as much as it helped me.


  1. Like your new blog. I'll certainly be asking you for computer help soon!! Keep up the good work!

    Your #1 fan
    Karen Brown

  2. Finally, someone who understands the everyday problems persons like myself(newbie) has when using the computer and is giving time to HELP. I think your gonna be the reason I don't throw my laptop in the trash. This is a really good idea Dean, thanks much for coming up with this idea. IT'S GREAT!!!

  3. Hey Dean! I have a problem my monitor keeps shutting off and telling me that "NO INPUT SIGNAL" and when it boots up it says that Windows software or hardware might be causing the problem and that I need to install the Windows CD and repair computer. I need help please and the computer won't boot up....

  4. Shakeria... i never knew you could dance like that ...hahahha

    The no signal message indicates that you pc monitor is working fine but is not getting any information (signal) from the pc.
    This can be caused by memory going bad, motherboard or videocard going bad. The shutting down could also be any of those issues as well as bad sectors on your hard drive. you would need to take that machine in for repairs.